Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Christmas Breakfast

The Very Hungry Caterpillar is one of my favorite childrens' books.  A tiny caterpillar slowly eats his way through the week and various objects of food.  It's an adorable story and I have always enjoyed reading with my children.  But when a real caterpillar shows up in breakfast...well, that's another story.

The table was set with fruit, quiche, bacon, and a birthday cake for Jesus.  We were half way through breakfast when Benjamin said, "Something is moving in my food."  He continued with, "There is a caterpillar in my cake!"  Much to his dismay, his breakfast was ruined. 

It didn't matter that the caterpillar most likely came from the raspberries, there was no way he would eat another bite (and I don't really blame him!)

No matter how much time and energy go into planning the perfect Christmas breakfast (or some other event) the little unexpected things in life can try and steal away our joy and peace.  If my hope had been in everyone having a perfect meal and meaningful conversations around the table, then my Christmas breakfast would have been ruined too.  But my hope is in the One we celebrated today - Jesus - and His hope never disappoints.

I did feel sorry for my son, whose stomach was a little queasy all day, but I do hope someday he can look back and laugh at the Christmas that a very hungry caterpillar got to enjoy his cake. 

After all, isn't it unexpected things, whether good or bad, that tend to stick in our memories for years to come?

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