Monday, March 2, 2015

Boise Weekend to Remember Comments

Wow, it has been way too long since I've added anything on this blog.  So sorry.  Life has been busy.  I did want to start with the latest comments from the Boise Weekend to Remember that happened just last weekend.  I love to hear life change stories!

Boise Top Ten Comments
February 27- March1

Attendance: 645
Those indicating decisions 
Salvation: 63
Holy Spirit: 150
Recommit Family: 117

Coming in we were fighting not speaking at all night one. By break of second day we went to our car, cried and asked for forgiveness, held each other and made a commitment to start fresh and do everything this conference was telling us. We are very appreciative for this fresh new start. 
Wife, married 10 years

The event has given my fiancé and I things that you may not think of before.  Also it has given us tools to strengthen our marriage.
Engaged man

It helped my fiancé and I to mentally prepare for marriage and to learn how to fireproof it before it begins.
Engaged woman

We are currently legally divorced since December but came to conference to see if we can work on getting back together. This conference has shown us 16 tools to at least begin this process again. Thank you. 
Wife, divorced

Although we had a very good relationship prior to our coming to this weekend, it did help us open up and be honest about an area of weakness we had not talked about before and that was our sex life. 
Wife, married more than 19 years

I was not happy at all to come. My attitude was one of giving up. My husband pointed that out to me. We had a huge fight after the session and then again on the way Saturday morning. I even was looking for ways out of the building. I took the dare of Bruce to write a prayer request. Filled with rage and bitterness toward my husband practically set the pen and paper on fire. Seemed like right after I put the request in the box God began to speak to me and showed me things and began to answer the questions that I had specifically about me and my choices that I was or wasn’t making in our marriage.  He changed my heart and mind. I confessed and my husband started to see the wrongs that he was doing. We are looking for a marriage mentor to train us to continue God’s path for marriage.  I stand amazed at how big God is. 
Wife, married less than 5 years

I have been struggling in my marriage relationship for about 4 years now. Nothing said at the FL weekend to remember was really new to me, however, it affirmed and clarified the truths that I had come to know through a very long and painful process. I wish I had the opportunity to attend years ago, to receive these truths all together without all of the painful struggle and study I have endured. Secondly, for the last 4 years I felt alone in my quest and struggle to improve my marriage. I see the light that has clicked on in my spouse. She has now committed to join me in the 100/100 plan. And now, for the first time in my 11+ years of marriage I feel that I have a partner. That I am not alone in this world. Thank you. 

I had many different feelings about this trip.  Part of me was excited and the other part was nervous because of the reality check we were about to get. I never thought I would ever think about divorce. Recently it was all I could think about. I wanted to give up. I went and talked to a friend. She recommended this trip and went on to tell me how much it saved their marriage. I can’t explain how thankful I am that we pursued this. We came in this with hopes, ears open, and hearts ready. I can officially say it saved us. I’ve learned so much. My spouse is not my enemy now. I love this man. Now I know I won’t give up.  I will keep pushing! Thank you!

Great focused opportunity to reevaluate where our marriage is.  So thankful for passionate openness, transparency, and wisdom for men dealing with correct physical temptations.
Husband, married 6 years (military)

[My wife] and I are very busy with various ministries and this weekend gave us the opportunity to reconnect, relax, and enjoy on another without the stress of outside pressures.
Pastor, married 10 years

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