Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Different Kind of Labor

Over 18 years ago I had the joy of bringing my oldest into the world. It was a painful process, but there was joy at her arrival. Last weekend I had the privilege of taking her to college. From the day she was born she was destined for this, and I as her mother, had to undergo another kind of labor...the labor of letting go.

It was a new kind of birth...Courtney spreading her wings and finding out what God has designed her to be. There is joy in seeing her try out her wings and succeed. But there is death in this process too. The pain of childbirth has returned, not the physical contractions to bring new life into the world, but the emotional ones of letting go and trusting God to continue to do His will in her life. At the end of labor I had a child in my arms. At the end of this new kind of labor, my arms are empty of her embrace.

Isn't this what motherhood is all about? To give them wings so they can fly-to become who they were designed to be...but just as a kernel of wheat must die in order for new grain to grow, the season of mothering Courtney is also dying...to create new life in her. Oh, the dying is painful but I know that joy will come in the morning!

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