Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Birthday Scavenger Hunt

For Josiah's 10th Birthday I decided to have him hunt for his present. All he wanted for his birthday was a drum set. I found one at a yard sale one Saturday morning several weeks ago and I had all the parts hidden in the storage room. This is how it went...

Clue #1
You are such fun, such a real treat. We thought you'd like to search and find for something real neat...be careful where you look so you don't ruin the surprise...for your first visit you must look outside.
Clue #2
What is this for? What good are these? To find out why you must search in games please.
Clue #3
Whooaah! The surprise is growing, what is next...to find out more please check your floor.
Clue #4
This is where it will be but there is stuff missing...where should you look now? How about a towel?

Clue #5
Put it in the room with the rest of your stuff. Now I am tired, but we're not done yet. Maybe I should go on a ride, but I'll need something first, always wear a helmet, so your head won't burst.

Clue #6
On Saturday mornings someone's a sleepy head...it is such fun to wake the parents instead.
Clue #7
Time is a wasting, tomorrow is the 4th, there will be fireworks and loud clashing of course. We can't set off our own, but we have a great view. Hopefully the trees won't mind bending a few.

Clue #8
We are almost done, but don't give up hope. You'll find the rest with not even a joke. Where would you look for someone so sleepy? If you are the Dwarfs her name is Sleepy.
Clue #9
I hope you've had fun, we've had a great time. Happy Birthday dear Josiah, we'll hear from you in time!

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