Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Favorite Books

Maybe it is the teacher in me, but I have always loved children's books. There is nothing better than snuggling together on the couch and enjoying a good book. For my youngest ones I love the sturdy cardboard books that they can hold and turn the pages. My two favorite are The Little Noisy Book and The Little Quiet Book. When Courtney was a baby we read these books so many times we could recite them as we drove down the road and she looked at the book while in her car seat.

For my older boys we love The Ranger's Apprentice books by John Flanagan. Isaiah started reading these as a pre-teen and I picked the first one up to see what he was reading and I found myself pulled into the story and loving every minute. There are now seven published in the U.S. (he is an Australian author) and book 8 and 9 are scheduled to come out in May and August...we can't wait!

Reading books together is also a great way to bless your child, to encourage them, to teach them and just to love on them. Some books are so tattered from years of reading and re-reading. I'd Choose You by John Trent is one of our favorites as well as The Treasure Tree (also by John Trent & Gary Smalley) and Paw Paw Chuck's Big Adventures in the Bible by Charles Swindoll. Perhaps one of the best things about reading together is the gift of time as we share in the adventures together.

What are your favorite books?

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