Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Birthday Whitney

Happy 6th Birthday Whitney!

Your life is truly a gift from God. When I look back at your life and the incredibly tough beginning you had as a newborn, I am reminded of the grace of God. Everything seemed so normal after you were born. We held you, prayed over you, and just enjoyed new little you. Many hours later, things took a drastic change... We learned words like "respiratory distress" that soon moved into "respiratory failure". You were transported to Children's Hospital where you were monitored closely for several weeks.

We camped out in the NICU waiting room for a week, and then took turns going to the hospital to be with you, and pray over you. We wanted to hold you but you were too sick. We could touch you and talk to you, but we wanted to bring you home. It was such a joy when you started getting better and stronger. I remember seeing your eyes for the first time in weeks! Several weeks later we finally got to take you home (attached to oxygen of course!) We had to learn how to walk through the house without tripping on your oxygen tube (and how to carry you upstairs without the tube getting tangled or caught on anything. We also kept your oxygen level monitored with your "ET" light.

You were such a happy baby...Even with all the trips back to Children's Hospital to monitor your heart and lungs. What a joy when we finally got the okay to remove the oxygen tube! Looking at you today, no one would ever know the trials you experienced during your first year of life. You are indeed a blessing! We love you!

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